Melissa O’Shea

Melissa O’Shea

I am the proud mother of two beautiful girls and a loving wife to my husband of fifteen years. We all choose to live an active lifestyle, maintain a balanced diet and share a passion for animals and the great outdoors.

My journey to leading an active lifestyle was thrust upon me at the age of twenty five when I explored the reasons my husband and I struggled to conceive. It was soon apparent that I had Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and my exercise and nutritional habits needed to be reviewed and a plan adhered to for any chance of conception.

Following the plan was rewarding. We conceived after ten months. Unfortunately I experienced further challenges in the form of gestational diabetes soon after conception and posed further challenges and formed a deeper respect for diet and exercise while managing insulin levels through the pregnancy.

These experiences have taught me to make exercise and nutritional plans a priority in my week and set time aside in a busy schedule. I made a decision to invest in my health by setting up a basic home gym. I train while my children are asleep and consume my first meal before they rise to set a solid platform for the day. These habits have not only impacted my own health and wellbeing though, they set a positive example for my family and led me to employment ironically in the Fitness Industry.

My main goal when reviewing products is to use my experience being a regular user of domestic fitness equipment to give the consumer a real life every day summary of the positives and negatives of a given piece of equipment to make sure that an informed decision can be made when purchasing equipment. If I improve the chance of a healthier lifestyle being maintained I will be very satisfied with my work.

Yours in health and happiness !

Melissa O’Shea.